Q: What’s your mission?

A: We’re a small niche set shop out of Brooklyn, NY who recognized a need to simplify an age-old system. By making slight improvements to offer online ordering, transparent pricing and reduced overall costs, we aim to make sets more affordable and accessible for everyone. We stand by our motto, Sets Made Easy.

Q: What makes BKSS unique?

A: Our platform enables our clients to have complete control over our products and options. Simply put, our model is designed on the principle of “time is of the essence”. By providing all information directly on the site we’ve eliminated the need for time consuming dialogue, waiting for estimates and shopping around. Simple things should be just that, simple.


Q: With so many set shops, why choose BKSS?

A: What makes us different is our emphasis on complete cost transparency, no confusing and inconsistent quotes! We’ve all been there, shopping around only to receive estimates with vague add-ons, hidden charges, fees, you name it.  With us, there are no secrets, what you see is what you pay.  


Q: How long does it take to complete - EAT (estimated assembly time)?

A: On-site assembly and painting times vary from item to item, drying times are often the biggest factors, in order to meet client expectation we recommend including scheduling notes during checkout or contacting us to discuss. A good rule of thumb is adding an hour for every additional flat to a base time of 3 hours; this only applies to seamless wall items, 8’x8’ and larger that require on-site assembly.


Q: Lead-time and why?

A: Occasionally scheduling overlaps may occur, to ensure a smooth operation we require a courtesy heads-up; typically, a minimum of 24 hours.


Q: How long does your team stay on-site?

A: Timeliness is important, so we emphasize efficiency in our assembly process. Often we’ll have multiple deliveries scheduled for the same day sometimes even coinciding, which will require our team to stay on a strict schedule. We consider a job complete once all rental items have been delivered and assembled to invoice/work order specifications. We understand that sometimes clients run late, but our team will need to remain on schedule to avoid disrupting the delivery of all other orders.


Q: When can a refund be expected?

A: If we cannot complete a delivery on our end due to weather, an unexpected emergency, conflict or accident we consider it grounds for a refund. A member of our team will reach out to the client with an option to reschedule, if a new delivery window cannot be established, or a refund is preferred we will go ahead and process it. In a rare case an order cannot be completed due to a scheduling conflict or overlap, the client will be notified immediately and a full refund will be issued. Each incident is handled on an individual basis with focus on customer satisfaction and retention.


Q: How do you price your rentals?

A: We use a progressive discount model. After the initial rate, the first day, additional days follow an inverted pyramid, decreasing to $100/flat for the first 2 additional days, $75/flat for the next 2, and only $50/flat for the last 2 - 6 day and 7 day rentals.

Q: Do you rent for longer periods, beyond 7 days?

A: In short, we do! Email us for our extended rates and specialized studio packages which include routine inventory maintenance.


Q: How can I extend the rental period of one of my orders?

A: Extending is easy, first step, email us, we’ll go ahead to make the calendar adjustment and charge for the added days. Another option is to process the payment with one of our team members on-site.


Q: Canvas selection, and what’s included?

A: The canvas option such as “Primed White” or “Primed and Painted” include a flat or configuration of flats of your choice, stretched with a heavy weight unbleached/natural 100% cotton canvas, also known as muslin, then either just primed or primed and painted a color of your choice. The charge is a one-time charge which includes materials and labor. Each order includes labor for one assembly and one disassembly.

Canvas options explained:

There are four options to choose from when renting a single flat or configuration of flats.

  • “No canvas, (Assembly Only)”, where you will receive a naked flat without canvas. Our flats are all constructed with white, paper facing luan which is a smooth, paintable surface, but please note it does not come prepped, small nails and staples are visible. This option is ideal for the DIY client who wishes to stretch, paint, surface or assemble the flats themselves. This option reflects an on-site assembly/installation charge when ordering a multi-flat configuration.   

  • “Stretched, Unpainted”, flats are stretched with an unbleached/natural, heavyweight, 100% cotton canvas (Muslin). It makes for an ideal paintable surface and creates a seamless look when going with a multi-flat configuration. Assembled and stretched by our team on location.

  • “Stretched, Primed White”, this option puts you one step closer to a finished product. In addition to assembling and stretching our team will prime the canvas making it paint-ready.  **Please account for approximately 30 minute drying time.   

  • “Stretched, Primed and Painted”, is the complete package where all details are professionally assembled and applied by our team. You will be asked to provide a Benjamin Moore paint color and finish at checkout. **Please account for approximately 45-60 minute drying time per coat.


Q: How do I select the color I want my primed and painted flat to be?

A: We use all Benjamin Moore brand paints. You may find your color on the Benjamin Moore site here: https://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/color-overview/find-your-color Also, you may download the Benjamin Moore Color Capture app which allows you to color match from photos taken from your phone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/color-capture/id318034543?mt=8 A final option would be to visit a Benjamin Moore Store to select a color swatch.

Q: How do I know what finish I want for my flats?

A: We predominantly work with flat and semi-gloss finishes. Flat is ideal for photo/video due to its forgiving, low reflective character, translating to a cleaner, crisper color. Semi-gloss is medium sheen for those looking for more pop and is recommended for vinyl application due to improved adhesion.


Q: What If i want to assemble a configuration myself, not use your labor?

A: Absolutely fine! For that exact purpose we sell materials a la carte. Let’s walk through an example: First, select either the 4’x8’ or 4’x10’ flat, depending on desired height, and input quantity needed, select “no canvas” from the drop down, then from the product page select muslin (canvas) and the quantity. To simplify things we sell it by the foot, not yard. Please make sure to purchase extra with all orders, in order to have enough material to properly stretch the flat(s), a minimum of 6 inch of bleed/overhang on either side. No need to worry about jacks and sandbags since each flat comes with one of each.


Q: Transportation and do I need it?

A: Currently, we offer delivery to the five boroughs of NYC at a flat rate of $250, applied at checkout to all orders regardless of size. Pick up options are not available at this time because we want to ensure timely and safe delivery of all products rented as well as proper setup and breakdown of products. Each transportation charge is limited to one delivery and one retrieval/pick-up. Additional trips may subject to an extra delivery charge.


Q: When does the rental period start, end, and is there a grace period?

A: Typically the rental period starts the moment the item is delivered or received and concludes upon retrieval or return. There's certainly more flexibility with larger orders considering the complexity of their requirements. We know that NYC isn’t the easiest city to navigate especially during the crazy peak hours, therefore we try to be as understanding and accommodating, to a reasonable degree of course.


Q: When would I use the custom form?

A: Simplest answer, when you need something special not found on our product page. Let's say you need a window flat or a door flat, moulding, wallpaper, flooring, you name it, that all calls for our custom feature. Turnaround times vary depending on the job. Custom inquiries are handled personally by a member of our team and are responded to in a timely manner.