12x8 Flat Rental

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12x8 Flat Rental

from 375.00

BKSS offers premium grade flats, regularly maintained so you never have to struggle with a banged up rental again. A great looking set is just as important to us as it is to you, that’s why we build our flats with emphasis on quality, durability and dependability. By maintaining high standards in material sourcing and craftsmanship we ensure a superior product that you can count on.

Each rental includes (1) Jack and (1) 20 lb. sandbag for every flat. Additional Jacks and sandbags may be added from the rentals page.

Rental rates follow an inverted pyramid model. After the first day, rentals are progressively discounted for additional days, $100/flat (2 days - 3 days), $75/flat (4 days - 5 days), $50/flat (6 days - 7 days).

Canvas: Flats are constructed with a paper faced luan which offers a clean smooth surface. However, most flats are used to simulate interior walls and a painted canvas works best to replicate an even and seamless appearance. Options include: No canvas - a naked flat offering limitless possibilities for the do-it-yourselfer; Stretched, unpainted - if you choose to prime and paint yourself; Primed only - if you want a paint-ready wall; Primed and painted - for the all inclusive option.  

Paint: Standard colors include black or white, for all specialty colors we refer clients to the Benjamin Moore Paint Catalog. Finish options include flat and semi-gloss. The process is simple; find your color, and when prompted, supply us with the name, code and finish and we'll have it mixed in time for your delivery.

Assembly: Rentals require on-site assembly. Multi-flat configurations start with an assembly charge applied. This is good for 1 on-site assembly and 1 on-site disassembly at times specified by the client. Assembly times vary, please account for approximately 2 hours, base time for 1 flat, + 1 hour for each additional flat for multi-flat configurations; e.g., 12x8 (3 flats) = 4 hours: 2 hours base + 2 hours additional.

Delivery/Return: Orders require a delivery option to be selected at checkout, the charge covers two trips, one to and one from the specified location.

For more information please refer to our FAQ page.

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